News.Net Directory of Sites

News.Net Directory of Sites

Established in 1999, each News.Net site specializes in local news, international headlines, business and finance reports. Weather is featured, and there are regularly updated news polls. Each site provides an RSS feed of local news stories. Users can also add news headlines to their own Web sites, or subscribe to a complimentary daily email service highlighting local news, and headlines from various categories.
Live foreign exchange rates and continuously updating news on the foreign exchange markets feature on all sites, while there are links to travel, government, and sports sites. Where available, these are official sites.
Aside from internal resources the News.Net sites deliver news from a variety of sources including local newspapers, tv news portals, and online news services. Each site also provides links to local news resources. International news sources include the BBC, CNN, Big News Network, Reuters, VOA, Independent Online (South Africa), Straits Times (Singapore), International Herald Tribune, Pravda (Russia), and thousands more.

Regional sites

Africa News.Net
Asia News.Net
Asia Pacific News.Net
Austria News.Net
Belgium News.Net
Britain News.Net
Caribbean News.Net
Central America News.Net
Central Asia News.Net
Chile News.Net
Europe News.Net
Finland News.Net
Greece News.Net
Kuwait News.Net
Latin America News.Net
Middle East News.Net
North America News.Net
Northern Ireland News.Net
Qatar News.Net
South America News.Net
Southeast Asia News.Net
Syria News.Net
US News.Net
Yemen News.Net

Country sites

Adelaide News.Net
Afghanistan News.Net
Argentina News.Net
Athens News.Net
Australian News.Net
Azerbaijan News.Net
Bahamas News.Net
Bahrain News.Net
Bangladesh News.Net
Barbados News.Net
Beirut News.Net
Belfast News.Net
Berlin News.Net
Blue Mountains News.Net
Brazil News.Net
Brunei News.Net
Calgary News.Net
Cambodia News.Net
Canada News.Net
Canberra News.Net
China News.Net
Christchurch News.Net
Cuba News.Net
Denmark News.Net
Dominican Republic News.Net
Edmonton News.Net
Egypt News.Net
El Salvador News.Net
Fiji News.Net
France News.Net
Germany News.Net
Glasgow News.Net
Guatemala News.Net
Haiti News.Net
Havana News.Net
Hobart News.Net
Honduras News.Net
India's News.Net
Indonesia News.Net
Iran News.Net
Iraq News.Net
Ireland News.Net
Israel News.Net
Italy News.Net
Jamaica News.Net
Japan News.Net
Jordan News.Net
Kazakhstan News.Net
Kenya News.Net
Kingston News.Net
Kyrgyzstan News.Net
Laos News.Net
Lebanon News.Net
Liberia News.Net
Long Beach News.Net
Madrid News.Net
Malaysia News.Net
Mexico News.Net
Milwaukee News.Net
Mongolia News.Net
Morocco News.Net
Myanmar News.Net
Nepal News.Net
Netherlands News.Net
New Zealand News.Net
Nigeria News.Net
North Korea News.Net
Orange County News.Net
Ottawa News.Net
Pakistan News.Net
Palestinian News.Net
Philippines News.Net
Quebec News.Net
Russia News.Net
Santa Barbara News.Net
Saudi Arabia News.Net
Sierra Leone News.Net
Singapore News.Net
South Africa News.Net
South Korea News.Net
Spain News.Net
Sri Lankan News.Net
Sudan News.Net
Sweden News.Net
Switzerland News.Net
Sydney News.Net
Taiwan's News.Net
Tajikistan News.Net
Tel Aviv News.Net
Thailand News.Net
Trinidad News.Net
Turkey News.Net
Turkmenistan News.Net
UAE News.Net
Uganda News.Net
United Kingdom News.Net
United States News.Net
Uzbekistan News.Net
Venezuela News.Net
Vietnam News.Net
Wellington News.Net
Winnipeg News.Net
Zambia News.Net
Zimbabwe News.Net

International city sites

Abu Dhabi News.Net
Amsterdam News.Net
Auckland News.Net
Bangkok News.Net
Barcelona News.Net
Beijing News.Net
Bombay News.Net
Brisbane News.Net
Buenos Aires News.Net
Cairo News.Net
Calcutta News.Net
Copenhagen News.Net
Delhi News.Net
Dubai News.Net
Dublin News.Net
Edinburgh News.Net
Hong Kong News.Net
Jakarta News.Net
Johannesburg News.Net
Karachi News.Net
Kolkata News.Net
Kuala Lumpur News.Net
London News.Net
Macau News.Net
Manchester News.Net
Manila News.Net
Melbourne News.Net
Mexico City News.Net
Montreal News.Net
Moscow News.Net
Mumbai News.Net
New Delhi News.Net
Osaka News.Net
Paris News.Net
Perth News.Net
Rio de Janeiro News.Net
Scotland News.Net
Seoul News.Net
Shanghai News.Net
St Petersburg News.Net
Stockholm News.Net
Taipei News.Net
Tokyo News.Net
Toronto News.Net
Vancouver News.Net

U.S. city sites

Albuquerque News.Net
Atlanta News.Net
Atlantic City News.Net
Austin News.Net
Baltimore News.Net
Baton Rouge News.Net
Birmingham News.Net
Boston News.Net
Buffalo News.Net
Charlotte News.Net
Chicago News.Net
Cincinnati News.Net
Cleveland News.Net
Colorado Springs News.Net
Columbus News.Net
Dallas News.Net
Denver News.Net
Detroit News.Net
El Paso News.Net
Fort Lauderdale News.Net
Fort Worth News.Net
Honolulu News.Net
Houston News.Net
Indianapolis News.Net
Jacksonville News.Net
Kansas City News.Net
Knoxville News.Net
Las Vegas News.Net
Los Angeles News.Net
Louisville News.Net
Memphis News.Net
Miami News.Net
Minneapolis News.Net
Nashville News.Net
New Orleans News.Net
New York City News.Net
Oklahoma City News.Net
Omaha News.Net
Orlando News.Net
Philadelphia News.Net
Phoenix News.Net
Pittsburgh News.Net
Portland News.Net
Raleigh News.Net
Reno News.Net
Sacramento News.Net
Salt Lake City News.Net
San Antonio News.Net
San Diego News.Net
San Francisco News.Net
San Jose News.Net
Seattle News.Net
Silicon Valley News.Net
St Louis News.Net
St Petersburg News.Net
Tampa News.Net
Tucson News.Net
Tulsa News.Net
Tuscaloosa News.Net
Virginia Beach News.Net
Washington DC News.Net

U.S. state sites

Alabama State News.Net
Alaska State News.Net
Arizona State News.Net
Arkansas State News.Net
California State News.Net
Colorado State News.Net
Connecticut State News.Net
Delaware State News.Net
Florida State News.Net
Georgia State News.Net
Hawaii State News.Net
Idaho State News.Net
Illinois State News.Net
Indiana State News.Net
Iowa State News.Net
Kansas State News.Net
Kentucky State News.Net
Louisiana State News.Net
Maine State News.Net
Maryland State News.Net
Massachusetts State News.Net
Michigan State News.Net
Minnesota State News.Net
Mississippi State News.Net
Missouri State News.Net
Montana State News.Net
Nebraska State News.Net
Nevada State News.Net
New Hampshire State News.Net
New Jersey State News.Net
New Mexico State News.Net
New York State News.Net
North Carolina State News.Net
North Dakota State News.Net
Ohio State News.Net
Oklahoma State News.Net
Oregon State News.Net
Pennsylvania State News.Net
Rhode Island State News.Net
South Carolina State News.Net
South Dakota State News.Net
Tennessee State News.Net
Texas State News.Net
Utah State News.Net
Vermont State News.Net
Virginia State News.Net
Washington State News.Net
West Virginia State News.Net
Wisconsin State News.Net
Wyoming State News.Net

Industries sites

Accounting News
Advertising News
Agriculture News
Airlines News
Automotive News
Banking News
Beverages News
Broadcasting News
Cable News
Communications News
Construction News
Economics News
Engineering News
Entertainment News
Environment News
Financial Services News
Food News
Gaming News
Health News
Hospitality News
Insurance News
Computers News
Computer Services News
Database News
Domain Names News
Search Engines News
Software News
Telecoms News
Viruses News
Law Enforcement News
Legal News
Marketing News
Media News
Mining And Metals News
Movies News
Music News
Oil And Gas News
Pharmaceutical News
Plastics News
Property News
Retail News
Shipping News
Small Business News
Technology News
Textiles News
Tobacco News
Transportation News
Travel And Tourism News
Utilities News

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